It’s great you are here.
Because if you are here, it means you need something that I can do quickly and reliably.
I am an IT specialist.
I will establish cooperation with companies or private individuals.
What I do is:

  • Writing and edition of websites,
  • Computer graphics,
  • Repairing computer hardware,
  • Removing computer viruses,
  • Retrieving data,
  • And other computer problems,
  • Recently a whisper marketing. . .

Also help your customers find you. . .

The experience of entrepreneurs and service providers at all levels of possible services have proved that in the modern world aesthetic, transparent and most importantly, available on the web page is something as essential as identity card, our public image, and the experience gained. Because in a changing world it is necessary to make changes and updating services I am able to adjust the technical parameters and content services offered to the volatility, or service offered or project at the level of business and cultural.

Feel free to check out my portfolio and contact.